Marc Alexandre Dumoulin
Pur Bonheur
05.07. — 04.08.2024
Opening: 05.07.2024, 18-22h
Finissage: 04.08.2024, 18-22h

Performance: Alexandra Wanderer, 12.07.2024, 19:30h

hosted by Alexander Jackson Wyatt & Flavio Palasciano

Have you ever looked closely at a skeleton? How complex it is? 206 bones. 27 in each hand, 26 in each foot alone. What an evolutionary marvel! Think of the millennia of evolution that eventually produced the shape and intricacy of a skeleton. What a strange calcified sponge.

Additional info on performance programming:

Alexandra Wanderer
„A gentle roast“
Friday 12th
Starting 19.30
(Circa 15 min)

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